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Emma the Hired Girl

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July 10, 2021

Greetings and salutations!

Welcome to the Sweet Grass Dairy blog. While I don’t know exactly who you are, if you found your way to our farm website and blog, I’m guessing you’re the type of person who cares about things. Maybe you care about real food, healthy land, and living an authentic lifestyle. Maybe you just like cows. Maybe you care about how your food is raised, the impact those farming practices have on the future, and the reliability of securing that food from people you trust.

If you haven’t found out already, you’re about to find out that these are the things we care about, too.

My name is Emma, and I am the hired girl here at Sweet Grass. (That is the title I gave myself. Employee sounds too mainstream.) I will be the one behind the pen, or rather keyboard, whose voice you will get used to hearing here on the blog.

A little bit about me: I grew up on a produce farm in western NY state, which is a lot like Ohio, except there are these things called “hills.” My family was the kind who worked really hard while the sun was out and sat around playing guitars and fiddles on Saturday nights. I attended a tiny state school in a tiny rural town, where I lived with a family who operated an organic dairy farm. I fell in love with farming in a completely new way, partly because it was a completely new way to farm. All the while the degree I was pursuing assured me I would end up in a job where I wore heels to work and sat in a swivel chair.

I ended up wearing heels for a little while, and the swivel chair was fun...but farming eventually won over. I gave my heels to a coworker and in spring of 2021 moved to central Ohio to become part of the didactic and thriving environment that is Sweet Grass Dairy.

But before I was a farmer, I was a writer, and so it is truly a pleasure to have you as a reader. What can you expect to find here? Well, there will be recipes, some real food education, stories from everyday life at the farm, and the official scoop of what’s going on here across the different seasons. I promise not to be too long-winded. There is no time, with all these animals to take care of.

Whether you are a farmer yourself, a foodie, someone who wears heels to work or someone who wears a hardhat, I hope I can encourage you to keep caring about the important things and to grow your enthusiasm for stewarding land and animals by supporting farmers who are working to do just that.

So buckle up, or unbuckle, because we’re just riding on cow paths and back roads....


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Poblano Chicken This recipe is unlike your typical Mexican dish. It is not a taco, a fajita, or an enchilada. It is not hot and spicy, but rather, it is packed with flavor and green goodness that will leave your family. asking for seconds. It is a dish that I allways include when I make meals for my, daughter and daughters-in-law when they have a baby, as it is a favorite of all of the grand kids. Since it freezes well, it can be made ahead and heated up quickly during those busy seasons of life. Give it a try. hopefully your family will love it like our family does.

New Year! New Baby! New Friends! Check out our 2023 Schedule

2023: Started off with a Baby Liz's due date came and went on December 18th with no baby coming. We thought for sure the Christmas blizzard was going to bring baby, but thankfully baby did not come.New Year's Eve came. Liz made 250 pounds of cheese that afternoon. We played games with family that evening. We wished each other a Happy New Year at midnight and went to bed.At 2am Liz woke me up and told me to call the midwife. Luckily she only lives 5 miles away. She arrived at 2.20am. Baby Reuben arrived healthy and happy at 2.39 am.We are thankful for a beautiful baby boy to kick off 2023!New for 2023, Lorenzo will be sharing a monthly recipe for our Sweet Grass Family.He will be cooking up a simple easy to make dish with one of our meats and sharing how he makes an amazing dish with great ingredients.Our hope is that we can make great grass fed meats simpler and more attainable to cook in a busy schedule.We're looking forward to learning some new cooking tips and recipes for our own home.Eggs!I keep hearing rumors for egg shortages and crazy prices. We are not singing that tune here!Our organically fed pastured hens are laying eggs like crazy.We've got eggs available this week for as low as $4.50 a dozen when you order the 15 dozen case!Also our Eggs for a Friend bundle is back for a limited amount of time. You all are our best advertisers. So to help you tell a friend we happily give you 2 dozen eggs. We ask that you share 1 with a friend and keep 1 for yourself.Shop Sweet Grass Eggs!Calendar of Sweet Grass Events! (New exciting events in the works)We've planned some exciting events coming this Summer. We are getting better at planning our events ahead of time.This year has two of our annual Farm Field Days.June 3rd - Spring Field DayOctober 7th - Fall Field Day  Seasoned & Chef Lorenzo are coming to Sweet Grass!Lorenzo & Jacob have been dreaming of connecting people to their food in deeper more intimate ways.What better way than to invite folks to the land that produces their food. Our aim with these meals to use foraged and grown food from here our our 140 acre organic farm. These evenings include a short farm tour and a family style meal served on the land overlooking cows grazing and watching the sun settle below the horizon.May 6th - Spring Seasoned MealOctober 21st - Fall Seasoned MealStay tuned for details.Check out Lorenzo's and Seasoned's Instagram pages.Crazy prices are real! I stopped at our local Walmart just to see for myself...Thank you for being apart of our Farm Family!

Cash, Turkeys, Bar-B-Que!

November 21stMark your calendar. It's turkey pickup day! But we also want to make it extra special. We will also have any other pre-ordered Gelatos or specials ready for pick up that day. (other times and days can be arranged for turkey pickup.) On the Rise Bar-b-Que will be serving our meats up for a late lunch early supper that day. (2pm-6pm) It's the day to stick the credit card companies! As you might guess we pay a lot of credit card fees for that convenience. SO on this day we want to pass the savings on to you! Bring cash and save 5% on any in Farm Store shopping you do November 21st. (Pre-orders not included)Just a few Small turkeys left!If you are feeding a crowd we recommend pre-ordering 2 of them. Then you get double the parts and the chance to cook them two different ways.Farm Pick up only.Turkey Pre-orderLimited Spiral Cut Sweet Grass HamFarm pick up only.Spiral Cut Ham Pre-orderWow you guest with some amazing Sweet Grass Gelato.Made from our milk, organic ingredients. We are the only Ohio farm with grass to cup gelato. Try some of our great Fall flavors for Thanksgiving dessert. Farm pick-up onlyGelato Pre-order