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Bring the Best Porkchop to you Kitchen!
Pork Chops get a bad wrap and I blame that on the over-cooked, leathery, hockey pucks almost everyone has been served by their mom or grandma! This isn't anything personal against moms or grandmas, they were just doing what the commercials said! “Pork is dirty so make sure you cook it thoroughly to destroy any pathogens!” The truth is, pigs are one of the cleanest animals, and if we can eat beef medium or medium rare, then why are we cooking pork chops to death?! I like to leave a little internal pinkness for the most juicy, flavorful and enjoyable experience possible! These pork chops from Sweet Grass Dairy are OUT OF CONTROL! The marbled fat, contrasting textures and sweet flavor will be the star of the show! Follow along on YouTube and tag us on Instagram if you make this dish! @lorenzo__cooks @sweet.grass.dairy