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Ragu by Lorenzo

February 1, 2023 • 0 comments

Ragu by Lorenzo


Introducing Recipes by Lorenzo

We are excited to be bringing cooking knowledge to all of you through our friend Chef Lorenzo.

Liz & I have enjoyed having Lorenzo cooking in our home for our busiest weeks on the farm

What better way to share that info with you than to kick off the new year with a special Valentine's Day recipe.

We've go a YouTube video below and a special limited opportunity to order a special Valentine's bundle of Gelato!


Make Valentine's Extra Special with a Homemade meal from Sweet Grass!

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This ragu has been something that I keep coming back to; it's wildly simple, but so nourishing and delicious! With the cost of living rising so much lately, I wanted to create a dish that was low cost but still elegant enough for a special valentine's meal! The chuck roast is a larger, lower cost cut of meat and was the first one to come to mind! What says “I love you” more than saving money for your future!? The Chuck roast has lots of beefy flavor, a variety of different textures and is the ideal cut for cooking slow and low! 

You can follow along in the process by checking out the Youtube video HERE on Sweet Grass Dairy’s page! This dish brings me a lot of joy and we hope you enjoy it too!


1.5-2.5 lb chuck roast

1 cup of dry red wine

2 cups beef stock

1 Tbs worcestershire sauce

1 Tbs Honey

1 28oz can fire roasted crushed tomatoes

1 yellow onion chopped

4 cloves garlic chopped

3 Tbs olive oil

3 tsp dry herbs (italian seasoning, sage, basil, oregano, thyme. Any combination will work!)

Enough water to cover roast

Karas Bread noodles or any noodles you have on hand!

Parmesan for serving

Chopped basil for serving


1. Chop onions and slice garlic. Set aside.

2. Measure out your liquids (except for water), combine them and set them aside.

3. Sear beef on both sides in a medium high heated pan. Remove it from the pan and turn the heat down to low.

4. Add olive oil to the pan after it has cooled down a bit (olive oil can burn if the pan is too hot)

5. Saute onions and garlic until translucent

6. Pour in liquids and can of tomatoes. Add beef into liquid.

7. Put a lid on your pot and simmer it on low for 2.5ish hours or until the beef is tender.

8. Remove the beef and shred it after it has cooled.

9. Start a pot of hot boiling water to cook noodles in.

10. Keep the sauce simmering without a lid until it reduces by half and thickens substantially.

11. Cook noodles, toss lightly in olive oil and set aside.

12. Add shredded meat into thickened sauce, taste for salt, and add as needed.

13. Toss noodles in ragu, top with parmesan and basil!


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