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Gabe & Emily join the Sweet Grass Team

April 25, 2022

We are excited!

Sweet Grass has gained 2 new team members. Well, kind of. Both Gabe & Emily have worked for Sweet Grass, so they know what they've signed up for. Farming is not necessarily easy every day. Some days are long and miserable, other days are fun and fulfilling.

Our mission of caring for Healthy Land & Healthy People really needed some more team members.

Gabe worked for us during his high school years. Emily babysat our children during those years. Some evenings they would pass each other as his day ended and her evening started. You could say a match was made in Heaven.

When Gabe graduated high school, we told him he needed to experience some other jobs before coming back to Sweet Grass. After 3 jobs and some good life lessons, Gabe was still in love with farming. He is 100% ready to be the Right Hand Farm Hand here!

His responsibilities will include day to day animal care, farm handyman, and he will also be developing some off-farm pig pastures. Gabe has always had the grit and consistency to take on any project that comes his way.

Emily was one of the very first people we met when we moved to Ohio. Her family helped us unload our U-haul truck when she was 9. Six years later she would babysit our children occasionally.

When Gabe graduated, she started working two days a week. She is in charge of all the order fulfillment here at the farm. She also bottles all the milk. These two jobs are huge. She also dreams of creating more opportunities for families to connect with the farm.

Gabe & Emily together plan to operate the Worthington Farmer's Market. We will see where their energy and ambition takes them.

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