Regenerative Farming- What is it Really?

October 28, 2022

Regenerative Farming:

What do we really mean when we use the regenerative?

In the simplest form, regenerative farming is a method of management and care that allows our natural ecosystem to symbiotically rebuild and regenerate the land and environment over time. Essentially our 140 acres is growing more fertile year after year!

Unfortunately, this term is being tossed about more & more by big corporate industries(kind of like organic).

The key to regenerative farming is a partnership between the natural ecology of an environment and space. Central Ohio's ecosystem over time was not naturally corn and soybeans. Our region grew a diversity of perennial grasses, forbs, and legumes along with trees, shrubs, and vines. In the midst of all this greenery was a wide array of herbivores, birds, predators, and soil microbes. All of this worked naturally to build a resilient ecosystem.

Modern land ownership in many ways broke the natural rules of the ecosystem. Society built fences, plowed up polycultures of plants ,and put animals in barns. In turn these actions destroyed the symbiotic relationships of plants, animals, and microbes.

To bring regeneration back to the landscape, we as managers must allow our animals, plants, and microbes to come together and work symbiotically. That means movement across the landscape! All of our animals are orchestrated in a way to move methodically across the farm. This allows carbon to be stored up in the plants. The animals then apply that carbon back to the soil through hoof action and manure deposits. When done correctly and consistently the land is rejuvenated!

Even as a regenerative farmer I have choice. Not every day is roses and beauty, but every day we must choose between regeneration or degradation of our 140 acre ecosystem. Every single day animals need moved to maintain the symbiosis of regeneration. Every cold day, even sick days we have to make the choice and do the work to create that healthy beautiful environment of a Regenerative Farm. 

As we enter November a month of Thanksgiving, I am thankful for each of you making the choice to eat regeneratively. We could not farm regeneratively with out you. By working together we symbiotically allow each other to make a better choice every day. Farming & Eating regeneratively.

Speaking of Thanksgiving: We have come up with some extra special Specials :)

I have added Gelato to our Thanksgiving pre-orders. 

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