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Curious to Learn more about Sweet Grass Herdshares?

The following information will answer many of your questions.

Making Healthy Safe Great Tasting Raw milk is truly an art!

Jacob and Elizabeth both grew up milking cows. Jacob has a bachelor of science in animal science and has worked at all types of dairy farms. When Jacob and Elizabeth decided to start their own farm in 2013 they knew that it need to be grass fed operation that never needed herbicides, pesticides, or antibiotics. Their commitment is to growing nutrition that lasts a lifetime.

Growing that great nutrition starts in the soil and utmost care needs to be taken all the way through to the finished product.

Step 1: Healthy Happy Soil and Grass

Great tasting, safe, and healthy raw milk is a complex process that starts with healthy soil.

Here at Sweet Grass our farm has been certified organic for nearly 20 years. We have not had any chemicals or gmo's on the farm since 1990. We have spent our whole farming career learning about regenerative grazing and we have been bringing our farms microbial population to life!

This environment is ideal for growing beautiful grass. Each day the cows receive an allotment of new grass every day. Just enough to feed them for 24 hours and to provide a fresh bed for them to sleep on.

Excellent Soil and Healthy Grass is a prime ingredient for healthy happy Cows!

Step 2 Healthy Happy Cows

Growing great milk requires a shift in mindset. For thousands of years mankind drank raw milk from grass fed herbivores. Recent human history moved cows to barns and fed lots of grain. Poor management created problems.

The art of great raw milk, moves cows back on to grass.

Our Sweet Grass cows are harvesting the optimal energy from the grass plants. Plus moving daily creates a super clean environment for the cows each and every day. Mimicking the herds of herbivores of history allows our cows to thrive in a healthy clean environment each day. No mucking barns, now spreading raw manure. Just clean beautiful pasture every day for our cows.

Step 3 Clean and Tested Equipment

Historically each family owned their own cow and drank fresh milk produced that day. Modern times brought the separation of dairy cows from humans. Thus began milk distribution in unsanitary ways.

At Sweet Grass modern cleaning techniques, State of the cooling equipment and third party testing of milk makes for an extremely safe healthy way to bring the benefits of raw milk into your life.

Every day before milking the whole system is sanitized and prepared for milking. Once the cows have come in for milk, each teat is sanitized and checked before milking starts. All of the milk is chilled very quickly ensuring a 2 week shelf life.

On top of all the on farm safety and precautions, Sweet Grass sends a weekly milk sample off to a third party lab for testing. This ensures that Sweet Grass can maintain the highest quality milk.

Upon a complete chill milk is bottles into one time use bpa free milk jugs. This ensures that there is no cross contamination and a long shelf life.

This might seem like a long winded introduction. Your family is making a big step in choosing one of the most nutritious and original foods on earth. We want you know know the care and love that goes into providing this for our family and your family.

How do you Join?

Here in Ohio, Sweet Grass participates in Herdsharing. Basically individuals purchase a small piece of the cow herd for a one time $60 fee. Then as an owner they are able to receive milk produced by the cow herd. Each gallon of milk produced has an $8 maintenance cost. Our hershare owners have no limits to commitments to a particular volume of milk. They may pick up as much or little milk as they like each week.

Signing up is simple. Press the button below to set up a time to visit Sweet Grass Dairy. We will show you around, answer your questions, and go through a simple herdshare contract with you. Then once you are set up as a herdshare owner we can go over pick up options.

Our farm store is open 24/7 and is always stocked with fresh milk. We also have several drop points that might be more convenient.

If you are ready to join our family in the greatness of raw milk, Fill out the form below with some farm visit times that work for you.(We do not schedule farm visits on Sunday)

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