1/4 Beef Bundle

1/4 Beef Bundle

A 71 pound mix of our favorite beef cuts! (See full description for details)
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71 pounds of grass fed and grass finished beef!

What is included:

2 Packs of New York Strip Steaks

4 lbs of Short Ribs

2 Packs of Beef Patties

18 pounds of Roast

2 Packs of Beef Hotdogs

20 Packs of Ground Beef

4 Beef Bone Broths

1 Beef Jerky

2 Beef Snack Sticks

4 Packs of Stew Meat

2 Summer Sausage

2 Beef Tallows

Short Stock

If we are short an item for the bundle we will substitute a like item of higher value. Example : If we are short a New York Strip Steak we would substitute with a Rib Eye Steak or a filet(both of which are of higher value than the Sirloin)

Wondering how we calculate bundle savings? We simply value the bundle at what it would cost to buy each item individually. So the savings is the bundle price vs the sum of each individual price. :)