Farm Field Days First Saturday of June & First Saturday in October!

The larder

Beef Tongue

1 grass fed Beef Tongue

Case of Eggs

Available for any order

Chicken strips

About a pound of extremely tender breast meat.

Dozen eggs

12 Ungraded pastured eggs

Lamb Bones

Grass fed Lamb


Pork Ribs

The Holistic Chicken

6 packs breasts 3 packs of legs 3 packs of thighs 1 pack of wings (10 wings per pack) 1 pack of backs for broth

Turkey Drumsticks

Two Turkey Drumsticks

Turkey Wings

Approximately 3 pounds of Turkey Wings

Whole Chicken

Here is 3-4 meals worth of meat in one buy! Cook once and have 3 easy meals to follow. Great value.