Fall Field Day September 30th 3-7pm

The larder

A Case of Ground Beef

Approximately 40 pounds of ground packaged in 1.5 pound packs.

Apple cinnamon brats

Woodland ground pork made into brats with apples and cinnamon

Baby Back Ribs

A rack of pork ribs


About 1 pound of Deliciousness

beef Bologna

Beef Bologna

Beef Bones

Beef bones perfect for bone broth.

Beef Fat

A bag of grass fed beef fat

Beef Heart

Grassfed Beef Heart

Beef Hot dogs

8 beef hotdogs

Beef Jerky

1/2 pound

Beef Liver

Liver from our grassfed beef

Beef Oxtail

1 beef tail

Beef Patties

4 Patties to a Pack

Beef Roast

2 to 3lb roast cut from a grassfed beef animal raised on our farm.

Beef Tongue

1 grass fed Beef Tongue

Beer Brats

4 Brats

Boneless Chicken Legs

1 pound of boneless chicken leg meat

Canadian Bacon

About 1 pound

Case of Eggs

Available for any order

Case of Eggs Special

Unlock this extra special price when you have ordered $89 of other products.

Cheddar Cheese

A half pound block

Chicken Backs

A stock makers delight. 5 meaty chicken frames that will yeild a couple pounds of boneless chicken, plus many quarts of bone broth. Great value!

Chicken Bone Broth

22 oz of chicken bone broth

Chicken Breast

Ready to do something unique with some of the best tasting chicken ever? This will fit your needs.

Chicken Cut Special

3 packs of breast, 3 packs of legs, 1 pack of wings

Chicken Drumsticks

Kids favorite! They come with an easy to hold handle that kids love whether you barbecue, frie, or bake them. It is a great easy source of protein.

Chicken Feet

Do you want collagen in your broth? Check out adding chicken feet to your next bone broth.

Chicken Gizards

Nutrient dense food. Great addition to stock or mixed with hearts for a gravy out of this world.

Chicken Hearts

A great companion with chicken gizzards.

Chicken Livers

Looking for a super food meal. Here it is.

Chicken strips

About a pound of extremely tender breast meat.

Chicken Thighs

2 big thighs. Great dark meat for an easy meal.

Chicken Wings

Need some great wings to wow friends with on game day? These will do the trick!

Chunky Bacon

1 pound of chunky Bacon

Dozen eggs

12 Ungraded pastured eggs

Filet Mignon

Premium grassfed steak.

Garlic & Herb Cheese

A half pound block

Ground Beef

1 lb / pkg

Ground Chicken

One pound of Premium Chicken

Ground Lamb

One pound of Ground Grass fed Lamb

Ground Pork (with salt, pepper, and sage)

Premium cuts ground for this product.

Ham Hock

A great affordabele cut of meat that will yeild several meals of super flavorful soup.


A quart of local honey from Holmes County

Horseradish Cheese

1/2 lb of cheese